Welcome, Blogophiles!

Welcome, Blogophiles!

Or is that Bloginators, or Blogostines? And why am I doing this?
Heck if I know. But, I'm an artist of sorts, and LOTS of artists have their own Blogs, so why not me? I get to talk about myself and show some of my occasional (and I do mean Occasional) train art. I'm also gigging regularly with a great tribute band called Close to You, which covers the Carpenters. Thanks for visiting, fellow Blogians!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Train Wreck (the band)

I joined this band about 5 months ago. This has been a fun “gig” for me, and as I mentioned, the band's name is pure coincidence! Train Wreck has an established group of locales where it plays in the Sacramento area up towards El Dorado Hills and Auburn. We play a lot of classic rock, as well as the occasional tune from this century. The Train Wreckers are a good bunch of guys, and I think we're starting to sound pretty tight. Since it's been about 15 years (yikes!) since my last band, I really look forward to playing these gigs.

Playing the drums is pretty physical, and perhaps a little like running a marathon in respect to endurance. I may practice an hour 2-3 times a week, but that hasn't prepared me for playing a 4 hour gig! That's something you have to work up to, just like running distances. I've had cramps in both forearms AND my kick drum leg at various times during gigs--usually in the 3rd set. (Very difficult to play one-armed!) Perhaps this is why you don't see too many overweight drummers: it's a good workout.

Shown here is a poster I put together using an image of a French train that perhaps had an inattentive brakeman (this image is in the public domain, BTW).


  1. Love it! You guys sound amazing, and as soon as we get the cymbals moved down a bit so we can see your head it will be perfect. ;) I loved listening to you guys play recently and also love that you sing--which I see you failed to mention--and how everybody got up and danced to your song! Woo-eee!

  2. Ha-I've had at least 4 people mention the cymbal thing! I guess I'll have to consider moving them around and re-learning their location.

    Thanks for the nice remarks (perhaps a little biased, hmmm?)

  3. I love the train wreck poster. What a funny coincidence about the band's name. Thanks for sharing your band on your blog! Too bad there's not video of it (something to think about!) :-)


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