Welcome, Blogophiles!

Welcome, Blogophiles!

Or is that Bloginators, or Blogostines? And why am I doing this?
Heck if I know. But, I'm an artist of sorts, and LOTS of artists have their own Blogs, so why not me? I get to talk about myself and show some of my occasional (and I do mean Occasional) train art. I'm also gigging regularly with a great tribute band called Close to You, which covers the Carpenters. Thanks for visiting, fellow Blogians!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

de Young and de Restless

TWO weekends ago I attended the "Birth of Impressionism" show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. I really don't have words (c'mon, use your words, Gary) to describe how excellent it was to see some renowned art "in the flesh" (canvas?). Monet's La Gare Saint-Lazare was certainly a highlight for me–hey, it's a train station for crying out loud!
Discovering some perhaps lesser-known artists is always fun. I loved Tarbell's Blue Veil for his beautiful brushwork and use of complimentary color.
The following day, we saw more Impressionists at the Legion of Honor Museum and it's exhibition, "Impressionist Paris". I'm embarrassed to say I didn't recognize the artist Jean-Francoise Raffaelli, but I was stunned by his large canvas Boulevard des Italiens, Paris! All in all, this was very inspiring stuff to see. Now, back to the old easel. Next up–I begin my new painting inspired by my neighbor's "lovely" rooster, entitled "Revenge of the Sleepless Man." (I'm not kidding...)

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  1. HaHa. I just got your punny title....

    The artwork is just stunning at the museum. I can hardly wait to go back for the second half of the Impressionists Show. Maybe we can get them to add a train painting or two.....


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