Welcome, Blogophiles!

Welcome, Blogophiles!

Or is that Bloginators, or Blogostines? And why am I doing this?
Heck if I know. But, I'm an artist of sorts, and LOTS of artists have their own Blogs, so why not me? I get to talk about myself and show some of my occasional (and I do mean Occasional) train art. I'm also gigging regularly with a great tribute band called Close to You, which covers the Carpenters. Thanks for visiting, fellow Blogians!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Revenge of the Sleepless Man

ANYONE who thinks of the strongly evocative Rural Idyll might include in their rumination a lovely rooster and it's crowing that begins the new day. Picture it- a pretty farm setting where the sun is slowly rising over the pasture, and in the distance a rooster announces the glorious new day with a proud “cock-a-doodle-doo”. Yeah, right. How 'bout an unbelievably loud screechy crowing starting at 4:45 AM and continuing NON-STOP until well after you've left for work? Oh yes, this neighbor with the rooster also placed their coop against the property line as close as possible to our bedroom. During summer with the windows open, the crowing has been loud enough to keep ME awake, and in my sleepless state, insidious courses of action start to form in my groggy brain. How 'bout chemically-altered chicken feed? Nope–don't want to hurt innocent chickens. How 'bout a blow gun with– no, wait, I wouldn't do anything like that. BUT, it has inspired me to obtain a bit of cathartic release by creating some art of a different sort. So, here's my preparatory “sketch” for my next oil, “Revenge of the Sleepless Man”. Thanks go to my daughter, Katie, for her help with the title.

It's MY dream, so I get to have a nice train and a giant bug-eyed rooster. Don't forget the comfy floating bed. The canvas, 48 inches wide, is in the early stages.

I could show this to my neighbors, but I KNOW they wouldn't get it.


  1. Hahaha! :) I can't wait to see the completed oil, it's going to be fabulous. Very cathartic indeed! Did you see I linked to your blog from my last post? :)Mwah!


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